Greetings from the head organizers!

Monday 1/4/16 time 7:35 PM - Tuulia & Jenni - head organizers

Hellocon is back! We are very proud to present to you Hellocon 2016 which, as some of you may have heard, wasn’t a certainty. We would like to thank our dear visitors, your love and support gave us the encouragement to keep on going despite of all the hardships we have endured. Another thanks goes to our fantastic guest of honor, Baby the Stars Bright! We are astounded that such a significant Lolita fashion brand wants to attend our event and we are joyous to be able to welcome them and you to Hellocon 2016!

Hellocon is an event completely organised by volunteers, by our desire to create something spectacular to celebrate the fashion we all love! This year we wish to bring the organisation team closer to our visitors so we will be making a series of blogposts introducing our team of organisers. You will also be getting a little insight of what we are working on and how Hellocon is made!

With love,

Jenni and Tuulia
Hellocon head organizers


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