Greetings from our illustrator

Saturday 2/27/16 time 6:53 PM - Charlotta - Illustrator

Nice to meet you!

I'm Charlotta, the artist behind this year's Hellocon illustration. I got my inspiration from the guest of honor Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's and its sister brand Alice and the Pirates' designs. The theme of Hellocon 2016 is rose garden and for the tea party the theme is masquerade ball. My idea was to combine these two themes in one image while keeping our guest of honor in mind. The lolita dressed in bonnet represents the rose theme and sweet style like Baby, the stars shine bright. Wearing more classical lolita style, the character holding a mask is meant to represent Alice and the Pirates. It's my second time being responsible of the Hellocon official art and I'm glad I can once again contribute to this fantastic event trough my artwork. I hope you like it! Lolita fashion is one of my biggest inspirations so I'm always happy to draw anything related to it. More about my art and lolita style in my tumblr.

See you all in Hellocon this summer!



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