Children of the night masquerade ball

Sunday 4/3/16 time 8:32 PM - Tuulia - head organizer

I am Tuulia, one of the Hellocon and Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea party organizers. I was also in charge of the tea party last year! I’m very excited to be working with Baby to create yet another amazing Hellocon tea party! This year we are changing the things a bit and we will actually be serving a warm meal during the event! The menu includes savoury starters, sparkling wine, spinach-ricotta-canneloni as main dish and cake and tea for dessert. Check out the detailed menu here.
We chose the theme for the tea party to be Children of the Night –masquerade ball, which suits the image of Baby's darker label Alice and the Pirates perfectly! The venue, Hotel Arthur main hall, suits the theme impeccably well. The main hall is actually an old Jugend era church which creates a perfect setting for a vampire ball. Notice that the tea party is at the old Jugend building next to the newer extension, so instead of entering from the the main door, enter from the Jugend building door.
We have prepared a lots of program for the Children of the night –masquerade ball tea party. There will be classical music performed by Loviisa Karhumäki, a vampire themed pole art performance by Shadow, meet and greet with Baby the Stars Shine Bright, best dressed contest, a bingo and lots of other interesting activities!
Next I wanted to list some movies that you can get inspiration for preparing your outfit for the ball. First up of course, Dracula movies!

“Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!”
― Bram Stoker


Then another obvious choice is Interview with the vampire. Isn’t little Claudia an ultimate gothic lolita?


Another classic with beautiful costumes is Phantom of the Opera.

Then because there can not be too much Depp, three movies with beautiful costumes and dark setting featuring Johnny Depp, Sweeney ToddSleepy Hollow and From Hell.



And lastly, to get you in the mood of a masquerade ball and for the love of Bowie, the ball scene from The Labyrinth

Have you already started to plan your outfit for the Children of the night-masquerade ball? What is your inspiration?

See you at the tea party! 

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