Goodbye Hellocon!

Tuesday 11/8/16 time 8:34 PM - Tuulia -head organizer

As many of you have already heard or read from our facebook page, the 2016 Hellocon was the last one. Here is a little explanation on the reasons behind this hard decision.

The main reason is that the event grew too big for us. Everything is organized by non-paid non-professional volunteers who love lolita fashion.

Hellocon had quite sudden and unplanned beginning.  A Japanese lolita band was interested in performing in Finland and the smart event organiser  asked our lolita community if there were people interested in organising a small event around the concert...  Jenni (head organiser) stepped up and the rest is history.

But this leads us to one of the issues why Hellocon is now gone;  it is because of the way Hellocon got started.  Our event tickets were very cheap in the beginning and we felt it was hard to raise the price enough to match the real organising costs. We raised it a little bit every year but comparing to any other European lolita event the tickets were still quite cheap. And you all know Finland is not a cheap country, quite the contrary. We had panic attacks over the budget weekly. We prayed people would buy enough tickets to cover the rent and flying guests of honor here! It was so close we didn’t call off the whole Hellocon last year. The event had grown too big and it started to feel like our capacity isn’t enough for it anymore.

So how did we pull it of then? By working extremely hard, by getting amazing group of people to work with us, by having fantastic community that supports us and hosts program at the event every year. A huge thank you for everyone!

The event was completely organised by volunteers which is amazing but also creates another challenge; life happens and volunteers’ situations change. This means more work for remaining volunteers who now have to handle more work than what they originally signed up for, resulting to burn outs. Thank you, all the volunteers during the years, without you there wouldn’t have been Hellocon at all!

We all wanted to organise Hellocon to create something for our community. We have been part of lolita fashion for some time and it has given so much to us! We really loved being able to make something that brings the whole community together, place to meet with friends and a safe place for newcomers to find more about the fashion! Our only reward for doing it were happy visitors! I loved seeing the excited post before and after the event, your coords, your photos, your shopping hauls, everything! As a long time lolita it also feels amazing that we got all these wonderful guests to come to Finland! Over ten years ago when I started the fashion I never in my wildest dreams would have thought to be receiving thank you letter from Baby’s designer, have Midori to walk on stage in my creation, make business and friendship relationship with Atelier Pierrot CEO or organising a teaparty in a theatre museum with Angelic Pretty!

So huge thanks to all of you for supporting and visiting Hellocon these past 4 years! It’s been an absolute blast and I’m extatic that we were able to create this event with so many visitors from different countries!


What’s next?


Even though Hellocon is now gone, Hellocon ry (organisation) is still alive and well! We still have the same dream about creating fun events for the community, but this time we also want to be able to have fun ourselves while doing so. No worries, this is actually not the end, it is just a beginning of new suprising events. In fact we already have started to work on something and it will be sooner than you might expect!

So stay tuned for the new adventures!


Best wishes,

Tuulia and the whole Hellocon ry team

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