Greetings from the translator

Sunday 6/12/16 time 2:34 PM - Anastasia - translator

Hello from Sweden!

My name is Anastasia and I have the privilege to be Hellocons translator this year. I was chosen to be Kawaii Ambassador for Sweden 2015 and I’m really excited to be able to help spread love for lolita-fashion both in and outside Sweden. This will be my first Hellocon and I am really looking forward to participate and meet all the lovely guests! I use the username deadxsweetness on almost all social media and you can easily find my blog and Instagram if you are curious to know more about me. Don’t be shy to say hello and lets all enjoy Hellocon 2016! ( * ^ w ^ * )


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Greetings from the guest of honor assistant

Thursday 4/14/16 time 7:36 PM - Heidi - Guest of honor assistant


I'm Heidi, the one who is taking care the schedules, transportation and 24-hour-assistance of our great Japanese guests of honor during their whole stay in Finland. The task will make me busy for many days, but I am looking forward to see and feel the beautiful atmosphere of Hellocon again in the year 2016. Especially I'm excited about The Masquerade Ball! Creatures of the night, vampires, aristo and dark fashion have all a special meaning to me, while I'm enthusiastic visual-kei music/fashion person as well. More about me in my blog.


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The guest of honor for Hellocn 2016 is Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Thursday 12/24/15 time 12:13 AM - Jenni - head organizer

We hope that everyone is having a merry Christmas! Today we have thrilling news for you, because we would like to announce that our guests of honor for Hellocon 2016 is:


Baby the Stars Shine Bright was established in 1988 and it is one of the most iconic lolita brands in the world. The vision of the brand is to make cute, innocent-like clothes full of frills and lace and to make every girl be able to feel like a beautiful princess. Keeping this idea in mind Baby the Stars Shine Bright strives to make elegant, fairy tale-like lolita designs.

In 2004 Baby the Stars Shine Bright participated in making the movie Shimotsuma Monogatari – Kamikaze girls. This movie was made to make lolita fashion more known around the world.

A sister brand named Alice and the Pirates was established in 2007. The concept for this sister branch is “what if Alice got lost in a world full of pirates?” The clothes have a darker feeling to them with a high attention to detail.

In 2007 Baby the Stars Shine Bright shop opened in Paris. In 2009 and 2014 two more shops opened in America, one in San Francisco and one in New York. Baby the Stars Shine Bright has also participated in many events outside of Japan, attending tea parties and holding fashion shows. From the year of 2011 the company also holds tea parties in Shanghai, China and has a head office there to help spread the knowledge of the lolita style.

Presenting Baby the Stars Shine Bright in Hellocon is the CEO of Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Akinori Isobe, and the designer Kano Masumi!

Kano Masumi studied design and pattern making at university and got a job at Baby the Stars Shine Bright after graduation. She does not like to design overly cute, therefore her style is more elegant, and she likes to design fairy tale inspired doll-like clothing. Her first event overseas was the Japan Expo Convention in Paris and now she have traveled to countries like China, America, Canada, Sweden and Chile to attend conventions, events and to organize fashion shows. 

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