Thank you for coming to Looking for Alice!

Wednesday 2/22/17 time 8:23 PM - Tuulia -head organizer

Looking for Alice is now over and it was absolutely wonderful! I hope you all enjoyed it! <3

We had a huge selection of amazing program from lectures to dance performances to fashion shows. Triple Fortune being such darlings as guests of honor and the Brilliant Kingdom performance surely set a spark on all of you old vk fans hearts! <3

I'm so grateful for everyone who has worked so hard to make this event happen; our amazing team of organisers, who year after year donate their time and energy to make these events for you, our sweet volunteers who make sure everything runs smoothly, Gloria staff for running the show, the wonderful people hosting program and sharing their knowledge or performance skills, all the fabulous vendors, all the models, all of you our dear guests and finally great thanks for Babi and Kaie for coming to Finland! 

Here is greetings to our attendees from Triple Fortune designer Kaie!

"Hello, Kaie here

Thank you for a wonderful weekend! We treasure each moment and everyone we have met during our visit in Finland. A huge thank you to all the staff members and everyone who made this event possible.

Thank you to all the models, who despite modelling this brands clothes for the first time, did a wonderful job and were all real-life princesses during the fashion show. The models who wore the Triple Fortune clothes, everyone who watched the fashion show and Kaie who has designed the clothes – everyone could experience happiness, just as the brands name implies. (Remember the question during the Q&A? Triple fortune means that the wearer of the clothes is happy, the people who see the wearer are happy and the designer who made the clothes is happy = Triple Fortune)

There were so many model applications it was hard to choose. We chose the models most suitable for the clothes we decided to bring with us this time, but depending on the items the models could have been chosen differently. If the opportunity to model for Triple Fortune comes again, don’t hesitate to apply again!

This time we chose a pink coordinate for the best dresser award, but don’t worry all colors and coordinates have an equal chance of winning. For our next meeting lets create new wonderful coordinates!

It was a splendid event for us and we love you all! Please invite us again! We are always willing to take part in the Mad Tournament games again and of course we would love to do more kabedon."

<3 <3 <3

Kunniavieraan terveiset:

"Hei, Kaie tässä. Kiitos aivan ihanasta viikonlopusta! Muistelen lämmöllä kaikkia tapahtuman aikana tapaamiani ihmisiä. Olen myös erittäin kiitollinen kaikille jotka työskentelivät tapahtumassa ja tekivät sen mahdolliseksi!

Haluaisin kiittää myös malleja, jotka toimivat ensimmäistä kertaa malleina Triple*fortunelle.  Muotinäytöksen aikana lavalla te kaikki olitte oikeita prinsessoja! Niin vaatteitamme käyttävät henkilöt, heitä katsova yleisö kuin minä, Kaie itse, pystyimme tuntemaan itsemme onnellisiksi - aivan kuten brändimme nimikin kertoo; Triple Fortune.

Saimme todella paljon mallihakemuksia ja mallivalinnat osoittautuivat hyvin hankaliksi! Siksi tällä kertaa valitsimme mallit sen perusteella, millaisia vaatteita olimme päättäneet tuoda mukanamme Suomeen - olisimme siis voineet valita muitakin vaatteita ja malleja. Kun seuraavan kerran teillä on mahdollisuus hakea malliksi Triple*fortunelle, älkää epäröikö laittaa hakemusta tulemaan!

Parhaaksi asuksi valitsimme tällä kertaa vaaleanpunaisen koordinaation, mutta kaikilla muillakin väri- ja asuyhdistelmillä oli yhtä suuret mahdolliset voittoon. Älkää siis murehtiko, luodaan yhdessä uusia ja upeita asukoordinaatioita seuraavaa tapaamistamme varten~

Tapahtuma oli todella mahtava ja pidämme teistä kaikista paljon <3

Toivottavasti kutsutte meidät uudelleen!

Olemme mielellämme osallistumassa uudelleen Hulluihin Turnajaisiin, sekä tietysti tekemään teille lisää kabedonia!"

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Looking for Alice

Tuesday 1/3/17 time 12:35 PM - Tuulia -head organizer


As promised Hellocon ry keeps creating new fun events for lolita fashion fans and we are well on our way preparing the next event; Looking for Alice!

We are very excited for the new consept of the event, Looking for Alice is an one day event with two sections: In the Wonderland day section and Through the Looking Glass evening section. Why two sections? Instead of just organising a regular after party we want to offer you more by providing a lots of prorgram at the evening section as well as the day section! People often say they have most fun at the teaparty and the after party so our idea is to make the whole event a teaparty and an after party, a frillparty as my friend said! ;)


We have a lots of exiting things planned for this event from program to vendors to guests of honor! We even have a little tea party during at the In the Wonderland day section!

In our tea party we will explore various different teas, how to brew them, and about the culture and traditions of tea. Tea parties are important tradition of lolita fashion and Looking for Alice couldn't dream of not serving it's visitors tea!

Teashop Chaya will offer us delicious tea and our trusted grand tea mistress will keep you entertained through the teajourney. You can get acquainted with Chaya's quality selections in and visit the shop in Helsinki, Kluuvi shopping centre, Hellocon_teaparty_16_SanniSiira_0132.jpgYliopistonkatu 6.

One could't say it's a lolita fashion event without lolita fashion shows! So we have planned differents shows for both sections of the event! 

And to continue our tradition of performative arts on stage we have numerous wonderful artists who have prepare amazing performances just for Looking for Alice! I have to say I'm very excited about the performances!

Guests of honor

Looking for Alice is honored to welcome Babi and Kaie! The duo is famous for their Triple Fortune lolita fashion brand and from their visual kei duo Brilliant Kingdom!

Triple Fortune is best known for their headwear, especially their sought after bonnets and the amazing print garments. They will have a selling stall at Looking for Alice event. Of course there will be a fantastic Triple Fortune fashion show as well! CD1.jpg

Babi and Kaie will lead you to their Brilliant Kingdom at the Through the Looking Glass evening section. Their music is very visual and fantasylike, topped of with a capturing performance of these amazing artists!

Welcome to the frillparty!

<3 Tuulia and the Looking for Alice team

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